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mambo Initiative

Our Action Plan

To reach our objectives, we conduct development studies and analyses by gathering information, mobilization, vulgarization, collogues, seminars, conferences, publications elaboration and projects’ execution and seeking clear legal information and solutions.

What We Do

Capacity Building in agriculture: we are committed to improve sustainable agriculture and food, creating cooperatives in local communities with the help of community volunteers. We educate communities about a better use of land, energy conservation and people because these three constitute resources that enable us to put food at our tables.


We are an organization building on a new dynamic for social change. We are energized to achieve greater goals. We will reach our goals through compassion, collaboration, coordination in our terms of capacity building.

How can you help Mambo Initiatives

Help for a Good and Just Cause

When trusting in God, everything is possible. We thrive to rebuild people’s lives by providing them the tools gearing towards self-sufficiency. Our focus remains on job training to empower these in needs.

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